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We help entrepreneurs maintain a high quality image, without charging unreasonable high prices...

SPECIAL NOTE:  This page is not affiliated with my recent Press Release Offer. This service is for my local clients only. Please do NOT use the contact form on this page for the press release offer. For that offer, contact me at the email address in the release, which is DougsEClass at gmail dot com or by phone. Thanks!

I'm Doug and I've created a One Page Design concept. or MOPS is a new affordable service for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

The MOPS team will Design an attractive one page web-presence for your business that will mimic having a full blown website.

A good example would be this page itself. This single page has the same features as a full blown site, but is simply an attractive single page design.

For many solo-preneurs, going this route is an inexpensive, yet effective way to have a high quality image for their business venture, or idea.

And not only is it less expensive, it eliminates many hassles that come along with having a traditional type of site. As an online business consultant, I grew tired of hearing stories from countless clients who had been ripped off by expensive web design firms. I'm not saying they’re all bad, however, it’s an industry where the consumer should be very careful.

Our team will "design a visually attractive" One Page Site for your business, product, service, or entrepreneurial venture. The MOPS concept is also perfect for the entrepreneur who has multiple business ideas and needs a sharp presence for each one.

For this type of person, they can have multiple attractive single pages for each business, without worrying about the hassles and costs of having a website created for each idea. This will save you a ton of time, money and frustration, while helping you accomplish all of your business goals!

So, what’s included with your MOPS page?

Unlimited FREE Hosting

Hosting is the invisible force of how any website is seen online. With your MOPS page, you’ll receive unlimited hosting for life! This will save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars over time.

Once your page is live, you’ll never pay a dime for it to be hosted.

Free Unlimited Hosting is a major attraction for many of our clients and this feature alone is worth the price of your entire page!

Domain Name Option

With your MOPS package, you will have the option to register your own domain name for your page.

Your domain name is extremely important, especially when it comes to local marketing. Unfortunately, most small business owners and entrepreneurs fail miserably in this area.

Your domain name should be short, sharp, easy to spell, easy to remember and to the point. However, don’t worry, because since I love the art of creating a good domain name, I can assist you in this area.

Nice Attractive Designs

In this day and age, a nice professional and well designed page can boost your business and increase sales.

I work with a talented designer who gets the job done! Your page will be sharp and professionally created to fit your brand. Check out to view an example of our work!

In addition to having a great design, your page will also be created in a Mobile Friendly and Responsive Format. This means your page will respond nicely to all mobile platform and devices.

Online & Offline Marketing

With your MOPS page you will receive free online and offline marketing from our team. is the marketing division of one of our Bargin Deal shopping sites. 

So, with your MOPS page, you’ll receive free marketing and advertising. We will promote your products and services at various business expos and other local events. Over time, this exposure alone will be worth the price of your MOPS page, and much more!

Contact Form

Your MOPS page will also include a contact form, so your visitors can easily contact you right from your page. A contact form is much more professional than placing an email address live on the web.

Having a contact form also eliminates spammers from grabbing your email address and sending you unwanted spam emails. We will create your contact form for you, and then link it to your personal or business email address. You can also be notified from multiple email addresses too!


Search Engine Optimized Page

A search engine optimized page is highly recommended. A search engine optimized page, is a researched search term for your page.

Having a researched keyword added to your page, can put your page in a great position to be found by potential customers looking for your services online. Having a SEO keyword won’t effect your page short term, however, it can have huge benefits in the future. This is an optional feature, but can really increase search volume to your business page.

Messaging / Blogging Tool

We will also be offering a neat tool called Content 2.0. This tool acts very similar to a blog with many other features as well. This means, if you wanted to, you could do some blogging right from your One Page. The way it operates is really neat and there’s also a feature for visitor interaction too.

Your visitors can leave comments and photos right on your page and you can edit and delete content as needed. I also recommend using this tool, so your customers can leave positive testimonials and reviews. This feature can build your brand and your traffic too!


So what does all of this COST? Having your own Professionally designed page with the features mentioned above is more affordable than you think. And since every page is custom made for each individual or business need, prices are quoted on a project 2 project basis. Our goal is to keep the “Quailty” of your business image high, while keeping the costs low. Please contact me by phone or email for a quote today. I’m more than happy to assist you!

SPECIAL NOTE:  This page is not affiliated with my recent Press Release Offer. This service is for my local clients only. Please do NOT use the contact form on this page for the press release offer. For that offer, contact me at the email address in the release, which is DougsEClass at gmail dot com or by phone. Thanks!

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