Find The Best Online Shopping Deal

Are you ready how to learn to “SPOT” the best online shopping Deal? I believe that most people are doing their shopping online. I think* Amazon* came on the scene and showed how easy it can be. I personally love both. I love to shop online and I still like going to the physical store. As long as the price is right and we get a great deal, then we are happy.

  • Sign Up For Emails

This is the best way to catch the deal first. For an example: I am signed up to receive Bath and Body Works emails. I will receive an email the day BEFORE the sale. This gives me the heads up to check out the deal. Companies will email coupons, free shipping codes and even “free items” for online orders only. So don’t miss the best online shopping deal and sign up for the emails!

  • Become a Member!

I know what you may be thinking. We are trying to get the best deal and pay less as possible. However, sometimes the money you pay to become a member saves you more in the end. I know my Amazon Prime Membership pays for itself. The free shipping, prime video access and all the other incentives is worth the $12 a month.

You can decide if it is worth it for you. It depends on where you shop the most and if you will Save money by becoming a member. If it fits into your budget and it will be worth it for you and your family then I recommend doing it. It never hurts to look into something, you may find yourself surprised.

  • Rewards Programs

In this day and age, EVERYONE has a sign up rewards system. Some stores actually have the physical cards and you can sign up. You can also sign up and become a rewards member online! I did it with several stores and your member number goes right to the store’s app on your phone. You can pull up the barcode at the register and they scan it. I like the online method because then you don’t have a bunch of cards in your wallet or on your keychain.

You can save lots of money by rewards, especially if you shop at that particular store often. I will use the example again of Bath and Body Works. You spend so much money and then you will get a free item. I shop here often so I love when I get to pick a free item.

Also rewards members can get sneak peak deals!. You get early access to sales and new items before the store or non members do. These programs are often free so why not sign up. Again it really becomes worth it especially with stores you shop at frequently. Keep in mind that some products are sold ONLINE only. I know that there are stores that have online exclusives. So don’t miss the best online shopping deal and sign up for the Rewards Program!