Learn How To SPOT The Deals And Steals

Finding deals and steals can be a challenge. I decided to come up with a system to SPOT all the good deals. I came up with this acronym while I began my quest on becoming a “bargain master. “You can use this little catch phrase at any store and it is so easy to remember. I can guarantee that you too will become a master and learn how to SPOT your own.

 Are You Ready to learn My SPOT Method for finding deals and steals?

S is for Specials.

At any store you are going to find specials. Look for the sale ad at the front of the store. You won’t believe the deals I find by just browsing the ads. Most stores will have extra ads when you enter the store. You can take a moment to browse the ad before you begin shopping.

Another tip that I do is ask an employee if the store offers additional discounts. They may have a veterans or military discount, senior, or many others. It never hurts to ask. You may be pleasantly surprised with an unexpected discount. Sometimes even a 10 percent discount can make a difference.

Be sure to ask for coupons at the store! Kohl’s is a great store that has tons of specials. When you are checking out at the register just ask the cashier. They are always more than willing to scan a coupon for you if you don’t have one.

P is for Patience

This one is self explanatory. Now I am not talking about when you are making a quick trip to the store. I am referring to when you are out looking for the bargains. All deals and steals come with patience. Just expect to take your time. You may be in the store looking at lots of stuff, but it can be well worth it.

It also takes patience to scan items using your *store apps. The apps are very convenient. Be prepared because at times the Wifi can be weird in the store. So just be patient and keep trying. Remember to stay positive and have Fun!

O is for Overpay

Never overpay for an item. This rule especially applies to Thrift Stores, Goodwill, and outlets. You would be surprised at some Goodwills the price on a donated item. I understand that they need to make a profit for overhead costs etc. however, I have seen some ridiculous prices. So be careful and watch your costs.

The secret to the best deals and steals is knowing a good price. Certain stores will run sales and mark up the original price. So the deal is really not good at all. Especially with BOGO items. It’s good for you to know what is a decent price and what is too high.

Again we are trying to find the best price and we do not want to overpay! So go to the store knowledgeable and equipped. You can have an idea of what you are willing to pay for an item. Know when to buy the right deal or to leave it on the shelf.

T is for TIME

Time and Patience really go hand in hand. When looking for the deals and steals you will need to spend some time at the store. For me the first aisle or section in the store I go to is the Clearance. I can spend lots of time here, it’s my favorite place

Some clearance items are in different areas all over the store. So take your time and look through all of them. It depends on what you are looking for, but I look at Everything! Invest your time and allow the deals to come to fruition!

It takes time to scan items. I know at WalMart I have found that a sticker may be a certain price but once I scan, it’s cheaper! It will be worth your Time to download store apps that have the barcode scanner within it. Your phone becomes a scanner.

This can save you time. You can look for the physical scanners in the store to check prices as well. I have found that most stores are getting rid of them. It may be worth it for you to download the store app and have your own scanner. Just take your time and Scan, Scan, Scan.

As always, keep in mind SPOT while shopping. S is for Specials, P is for Patience, O is for Don't Overpay and T is for Time. So find out when the Specials are. Don't forget to have the Patience when you shop. Never Overpay for an item and plan on spending the Time to look properly. SPOT will help anyone master the deals and steals.