Shopping For Deals

Who doesn’t like shopping for deals? I think we all can relate to these forever rising costs. It’s critical to save money where you can. I can show you some of my methods of where and how I get the bargains. There are certain stores that have hidden gems. You just have to know where to dig them up.

Begin by implementing my SPOT method. Always keep this in mind whenever you shop. Did you know that the weather and Seasons can affect how we save money? Yes it’s true. I am going to teach you all of my tricks.

I hope you all have your smart phones loaded! Trust me, your phone is going to become your greatest asset when shopping for deals. That’s correct, your phone can make this process so much easier. Are we ready? Let’s get started.

Have You ever Heard Of the Term Seasonal Shopping?

This is one of the best tricks I have learned. I began doing this when my son was a baby for his clothes and even toys. He is now a young man but I still use this hack to save money. You can buy just about anything and save it for the next year. Clothes, patio furniture and even toys. Be on the lookout.

You can buy holiday decorations when the stores mark them on clearance. This is the best time to buy Christmas Trees, Halloween and Easter decor. Make sure you never miss out. You can get up to 75% to 90% off!

    * Follow Stores On Social Media*

Follow your favorite company on their Social Media accounts. You can get Amazing exclusive deals. You also may get a “sneak peek” of new items before they come out. They have giveaways for free products and so much more. When shopping for deals you want that exclusive insight from a company. Signing up for their social media handles is the way to do it

Holiday Specials Are A Great Time When Shopping For Deals!

 You can save good money on certain holidays. I have realized that I save tons when a certain time of year rolls around. Veterans Day is a great time. If you have any veteran or active member in your life you can get great freebies. My husband is a veteran so believe me he looks forward to it every year.

We all know about Black Friday and Cyber Monday! Woo hoo! My absolute favorite time of year. You can get major major deals. Don’t forget about Labor Day and many more. This is why you should subscribe to emails and be linked on social media.

Shopping For Deals Using Store Apps

I am going to show you some of the Amazing advantages there are to using the store apps!

  • Barcode Scanner

This is a must! There are probably very few stores that do not have a store app for your phone. The store apps have the barcode scanner, this is essential. You will be able to see the price of an item just by scanning. Most stores don’t have scanners anymore, so you need the convenience of having your own personal one. 

  • Digital Coupons

The apps will have digital coupons. Some will be from the manufacturer and some will be for that store exclusively. You can really save some money. So don’t miss out on shopping for the deals and download the store app today!

  • Weekly Ads

You get to see the sale ads digitally! You don’t have to worry about recycling your ads from the mail. You can also get a “sneak peek” of the upcoming week’s ad as well. This way for all the couponing queens you can plan ahead!

  • In Stock Items

Through the app, you can tell if they have your items in stock. Especially the sale items! Now remember, we are dealing with computers. The inventory can be wrong. A little trick I do is call the store BEFORE you go to make sure they have the items.

  • Online Ordering

It is so much easier to order any items through the app. You can either do delivery or Pick Up. If you really want to catch the deal you can order on the app for Pick Up at the store or maybe catch free delivery. Kohl's is great for this! If you order through the app in the store you get free Shipping.  Another advantage to the app is the easy online ordering.

Shopping for Deals can really be fun. If you just learn the method, you will save money with me. Learning how, where and when to shop is the key. I know that we can be Fans of Finds together. I hope you have enjoyed the information. As always,

See You At The Checkout,